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Moments In Time ebook

Nina’s Debut Novel


To Cassandra Peyton, structure and discipline are as important on the yoga mat as they are in life. The married mother of two thrives on a controlled routine—and though she might come off as confident, insecurities and anxious thoughts rarely allow her to let her guard down.

But all it takes is one visit to hot yoga – and an encounter with an instructor named Daniel – to change everything. A simple introduction has Cass experiencing strange feelings she’s never had before, even during fifteen years of marriage. And to make matters worse, he seems to feel the same way.

Available for purchase NOW!


Available for purchase NOW!


This moving debut novel explores the psychological effects of falling in love and adds a dose of conflict-ridden realism.

Loss, grief, and love intermingle in this realistic story of a passionate woman’s choice to live with fervor despite the inevitable heartache. Moments in Time, by Nina C. Payne, tells the story of Cassandra Peyton, a vibrant soul learning to accept the impending death of her terminally ill brother while falling for her charismatic yoga instructor….