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Historical Garbage

I love to read! I just finished a book I read for the second time my brother gave me called The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself  by Michael A. Singer. A remarkable book not only for the simplicity of what is sometimes a very complex topic but in the brilliance of the message. There is a chapter in the book that talks about this voice in our head that never seems to shut up. The voice that is always judging, always obsessing, always clinging, always grasping, etc.. There is a part in the book that says (paraphrased) that with billions of people in this world are you going to let any one person ruin your peace and create an inner disturbance in you? I read that part over and over again tonight, I’ve been guilty of that time and time again, and I finally thought, no – I’m not!  That’s it. No profound insight beyond that, just no –  I’m not. These people have no significance, no meaning, but more than anything – no power. No person should ever attempt that kind of power over another and nor should we allow it. People who occupy, and quite frankly earn their due space in our life belong there and all others should be relegated to historical garbage. That may sound harsh and cynical, but anyone who plays with your kindness and considers it weakness, toys with your compassion and preys on its vulnerability, doesn’t respect who you are, and doesn’t deserve a space in your heart and your soul. Let them go, liberate yourself from the tyranny of the mind games and control. Eliminate toxic people from your life. Open your eyes and realize what is real and what is false. Be aware of when you’re being played and when you’re not. The distinction is clear when you tune in quietly and sensitively to what your intuition has been telling you all along. You’re nobody’s fool unless you allow yourself to be. Blame no one but yourself, own your power, own your strength and you will find that no one can strip you of that. So, don’t forget to take out the trash. Goodnight, be well and be free.

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  1. pamela wells

    I have often come to the same conclusion, but don’t have the power of words you do…thank you for speaking the truth so succinctly!

  2. Stacey

    Wow I needed that message also….. Love it and you

  3. Nina

    Thank you Pamela and Stacey for your comments. This really hits home for me as well.

  4. Cameron

    HAHAHAHAHA take out the trash omg i can think of a few that deserve that line aye

  5. Nina

    So true Cam girl, you are an independent strong young lady and I’ve never known you to take anyone’s crap, not for long anyway. I’m so proud of you!

  6. Liz Fautsch

    Your post reminds me of a Gandhi quote I posted a couple of days ago – actually from Elizabeth Gilbert’s (Eat, Pray, Love) FB page: “I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.”

    I started reading your book, Nina – I have just a few more pages to go. I got sucked right in – wheeeee! Thanks!

    • Nina

      Hi Liz, I love that quote and I can see how my blog post would remind you of that. I’m so happy you’re reading my book and got “sucked right in”! I love it!

  7. Roseanna

    What a joy to find such clear thikning. Thanks for posting!

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