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A Taste Of Her

She’ll steal your heart, once you’ve had a taste of her you’ll never want to part. 

She’ll cast her spell, take you to the heavens, without her you’ll feel like you’re burning in hell. 

She’s magic, she’s beauty, she’s all you require, she’ll give you passion and all you desire.

She’s all that’s good and all that’s right, you’ll be tormented by the thought of her through endless nights.

She’ll captivate your mind and hold you in a trance, after mere moments enslaved, a victim of circumstance.

Once you’ve looked in her eyes, there’s no escape, free will vanishes only she decides.

You’ll try to forget, pretend not to care but once you’ve had a taste of her no other can compare. 

Your fate, your heart, your soul is in her hands, your life now forever she commands.

If your lucky she’ll discard you, if your lucky she’ll keep you but have no doubt she will consume you.

Either way you win, either way you lose, once you’ve had a taste of her  you’ll never wash away your sin.

There’s no way out  your world will be ablaze, the only salvation is to not once meet her gaze. 


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  1. Harold

    Once again you got me on a trip down memory lane.
    Do know this emotion you are describing. Have been on both sides of it.
    1. Have a lost love that owned me like that and over fifty
    Years later she still is in my dreams from time to time commenting on what’s happening in my life. It is not all bad and don’t consider them nightmares.

    2. Next will comment on what I call the center of the universe theory. I have always felt that women have used that sweet spot between their luscious thighs as a control mechanism. It took half a dozen times or more to get a grip on relationships. The answer I came up with was to never have intimate relations (sex) more than 3 times with the same woman. When I did knowing that all I was there for was the lust the friendship that we did have was destroyed.

    Never have I told this out loud in whole to anyone.

    Hope this helps in some way with developing one of your characters.

    Keep on want to read a new novel by you


    • Nina

      HI Harold, I always look forward to your comments and this one is so authentic and raw that I’m in awe of your vulnerability. I so love when people are able to bare their naked souls for us to appreciate and soak in. It’s the only way to truly connect beneath the surface. Thank you for that. Thank you for this breath of fresh air you’ve given me.

      Always, Nina

      • Ibo

        “All of old. Nothing else ever. Ever tried. Ever failed. No maettr. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.” Samuel Beckett

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