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Can you see it? Look at me. Can you smell it? Inhale me. Can you hear it? Listen to me. Can you touch it? Feel me. Can you taste it? Savor me. Can you sense it?…Read More ⇢

Take Me

Damn, just take me, feel me, love me, don’t ask, take me, feel me, love me., No permission necessary, to hell with circumstances when the passion is mutual, on fire with desire, Offer no apologies for…Read More ⇢


You slither in the night crack open my ribs and take refuge in my brain, You destroy, obliterate and drive me insane, My nightmares are real, your will is of steel, I’m not that strong, to…Read More ⇢


I feel your eyes, your mind piercing mine, I feel you soul searching, reaching for mine, I feel your heartbeat pulsating, vibrating against mine, I feel your love climaxing inside me, our bodies one and intertwined,…Read More ⇢

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