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Secret Desires

What is our greatest desire? Is it wealth or fame or a love on fire? What moves and drives us? Is it approval of others, or passion, a truth we’ve yet to discover? Is our heart…Read More ⇢

Slipping Away

Human discourse,  mental anguish, emotional pain, Consequences either unforeseen, ignored or altogether denied, Confrontation is, at best, a defense, a futile attempt at disguising the obvious, Walls continue to grow, doubt increases, self perseverance takes a…Read More ⇢

This Love

A love that consumed and devoured me, a love that set me fee, A love I still crave, a love that will follow me to my grave, Relieve and release me, this love that enslaves me,…Read More ⇢

Do You Remember?

  Do you remember our first glance, the moment our souls met and our hearts danced? Do you remember our first embrace, do you remember the time, do you remember the place? Do you remember your…Read More ⇢

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