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Poems & Essays

Tell Me True

So now I ask you and please tell me true, could you have ever imagined, the player you thought you were was the one being used? You thought you could break me, shake and forsake me…Read More ⇢

A Taste Of Her

She’ll steal your heart, once you’ve had a taste of her you’ll never want to part.  She’ll cast her spell, take you to the heavens, without her you’ll feel like you’re burning in hell.  She’s magic, she’s…Read More ⇢

A Love Unafraid…

What of love without expectation?  What of love without need? What of love without attachment?  What of love without agenda? What of love without compromise? What of love with want?  What of  love with desire?  What…Read More ⇢


I desire desire, I love love; I crave your mind, your hands touching my heart and reaching for my soul. I desire desire, I love love; I lust for your lips kissing mine, speaking my name…Read More ⇢

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