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One Hundred Years In One Minute

And he said to me, in my dreams, if I could, I would take you away, one hundred years in one minute, A love so pure, our hearts clean, our minds clear, one hundred years in…Read More ⇢


aching, anxious, anguished,  bashed, branded, bound,  disenchanted, dumbfounded, distracted, hoping, hanging, helpless, lost, lonely, longing, stumped, sad, scared,  trapped, torn, tempted,  wondering, waiting, wanting, nowhere to turn, nowhere to hide, nothing to gain, everything to lose,…Read More ⇢


And in that moment I knew, my heart, my soul, my love belonged to you, And in that moment I knew, my world would be shattered, my heart destroyed, my soul unglued, You were the best…Read More ⇢

Lisha’s Song… In Memoriam…

Let’s talk about her truth and how she died in her youth, what should’ve been her prime, she left before her time. Her name was Lisha and this is her song, one unwritten for much too…Read More ⇢

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