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I Pretend…

I pretend all is well, I pretend I’m fine, I pretend I don’t care, I pretend that from my thoughts you are gone. I pretend my heart doesn’t break, I pretend my soul doesn’t ache, I…Read More ⇢


Hot, cold, come, go, I love you, I hate you,  Leave your soul at my door. I command you, I possess you, I caress, I undress you, I separate you, I alienate you,  With each passing…Read More ⇢

I Can’t Love You

I can’t love you in life but I can love you from afar, I can love you in a song, I can love you in art, I can love you in a poem and with all…Read More ⇢

Soulmate in Aisle Number 9 (part 1)

Coldly he said, “Your heart is searching for a soulmate, wish it could be me”. What was he saying? His words cut like a knife. My soul had found all it had wanted. It was there…Read More ⇢

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