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Do You Remember?


Do you remember our first glance, the moment our souls met and our hearts danced?

Do you remember our first embrace, do you remember the time, do you remember the place?

Do you remember your body pressed close to mine, the feeling intense and so sublime?

Do you remember our first kiss, the ecstasy and the absolute bliss?

Do you remember how you said we were soul mates and forever we’ll be, I wonder, I wish, do you see?

Do you remember our times on the beach, the times you held me and our dreams within reach?

Do you remember all the tender moments, the moments in time, when I was yours and you were mine?

Do you remember all the kisses gentle and so kind, when we left our reality our truth behind?

Do you remember when you said you loved me, how your arms, your heart, your soul caressed me?

Do you remember how we became alive and without each other how could we survive?

Do you remember how it all went wrong and to each other we never belonged?

Do you remember when you said I could destroy you, when babe all I ever wanted was to love you?

Do you remember how I said I was over you?  I lied, you see, to set  you free.

Do you remember our last encounter, your eyes like ice and your heart asunder?

Our love affair was doomed from the start, we knew someday we’d have to part.

Goodbye my darling, though I’ll love you forever, there is no “until we meet again” circumstances dictate this is The End.


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