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Still Grieving

Going through loss and grief has taught me the profound yet subtle nuances of living a life fulfilled, a life lived with purpose, on purpose and in service.  Although sometimes temporarily throwing us off course, grief and loss can awaken us with meaningful and life changing realizations – a blossoming of a being that you never knew existed.  A life alive with being human means making mistakes. A life lived learning from those mistakes is being humane. Allowing ourselves to be human, with all of our shortcomings, misgivings, trials and errors, while at the same time remembering our humanity and responsibility, acceptance and accountability, opens the doors to evolution and growth with both compassion and integrity – a soul not buried in grief with guilt and remorse, but a soul at peace with love and joy. Be well always.

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  1. Stacey

    Oh so true Nina!!!! Xoxo

  2. Victoria

    I absolutely love this and you!

  3. Carolann Cadwallader

    Well said Nina!!

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